In 2009, the world lost a sweet little girl who died in a church bus wreck. What happened next no one could have predicted.

Maggie Lee

 for Good


Maggie Lee Henson was a vibrant 12-year-old who died from a traumatic brain injury she suffered when the First Baptist Church of Shreveport Bus flipped and landed on her on July 12th, 2009, while on the way to youth camp. Because she was so generous in life, her parents decided to allow her to be an organ donor.

Moved by the generous life and tragic death of Maggie Lee, over 18,000 people performed ONE ACT OF KINDNESS in her honor on October 29, 2009, which would have been her 13th birthday. Thousands more have followed in the 5 years since.

Water wells have been dug in Africa, a home has been built in Haiti, food delivered to the poor in Chicago, L.A., Paris, New York and Carracas. Money has been raised for organ donation services, women's shelters, food pantries, animal shelters, and countless other non-profit organizations. Please join us in doing a good deed on October 29, 2014. We believe in doing so you will be changed for good.




"Maggie Lee for Good is an excellent hands-on way for us to teach character education in our school!"