In 2009, the world lost a sweet little girl who died in a church bus wreck. What happened next no one could have predicted.

Maggie Lee

 for Good

 Stories of Kindness

A home is being built in Haiti for a family now living under a plastic tarp supported by sticks, a well will be drilled in Malawi, Africa, transforming an entire community and freeing young girls to get an education, a provence in India is vaccinating it's young- all evidence of the world-wide wave of kindness birthed on Maggie Lee for Good Day; 2010. Back in the States, over 950 pounds of candy was sent to US Troops through Shreveport's Cosse-Silmon Orthodontics while 4-yr-old Benjamin Babboni, in need of a service dog, came $7,500 closer to getting his companion through the partnership of Chick-Fil-A and Maggie Lee for Good. 

Maggie Lee's brother, Jack, held a Monster Dodge-Ball Game to raise donations for The Lighthouse After School Program in Shreveport. The Doucettes in Flower Mound, TX, raised $360.00for Maggie Lee's World Vision Child in India through an art show while Jessie Keener in Fayeteeville, N.C. Raised over $1,000. for North Carolina Donor Services through a Costume Fun Run on October 31st. People all over the country who participated in Maggie Lee for Good took pictures with the bumper sticker. From New York to L.A., Seattle. Houston, Denver, Dallas, Colorado, St. Louis and many states in-between, MLFGooders participated. What an amazing day!



"Maggie Lee for Good is an excellent hands-on way for us to teach character education in our school!"