In 2009, the world lost a sweet little girl who died in a church bus wreck. What happened next no one could have predicted.

Maggie Lee

 for Good

Who She Was

Maggie Lee was a Christian young lady. She was a confident, creative and loving person who stood up for the underdog. She had big dreams of performing on Broadway and acting. Her main goals in life were to; -Be a better Christian, -Be a better singer, -Be a better actress and -Be a better daughter. She was the kind of person who lit up a room when she entered with her sincere love for life, God and people.


My dearest, sweetest cousin Maggie Lee,           

    Wow. What a rollercoaster ride these past few weeks have been. I’m still trying to slow down and take it all in. I just can’t come to believe I’m up here giving a memorial speech here at your celebration of life. I often stopped and wondered “Why? Why Maggie Lee? What did she ever do wrong?” I may not understand this until I’m up with you and God in Heaven. All I know for now, is it’s just all part of God’s plan. Just think, one month ago, we sat together at the Fourth of July fireworks together. We joked around, laughed and even did=2 0a dance together. I’m forcing myself to believe all of this, but as hard as I try, it’s just not possible. Maggie Lee, your life here on earth was way too short. But it was jam-packed full of memories that will last a lifetime. One of my earliest memories is of you and me sitting on a porch at your house in Floresville blowing bubbles together. We were probably just under two years old. Then, a few years later, we decided we looked so much alike, we just had to be twins. The only problem was, twins were sisters, not cousins. No problem! Let’s call ourselves ‘Twin Cousins!’ I remember birthday parties and holidays, and everything in between. I’ll remember cooking in Mimi’s kitchen.  Never having quite the right ingredients, we would always substitute, or go next door and get what we needed. I never quite understood how a chocolate – chip cookie recipe could lead us to make what was more like a chocolate – chip soup! Maggie Lee, your fun, bubbly personality made you someone that will never be forgotten. I remember you telling me, you wanted to be famous, to be a star one day.  A real star is someone who touches people’s hearts and has accomplished great things. You did exactly those things. You’ve touched the hearts of people you’ve never even met. You’ve also accomplished more in the past few weeks than most people accomplish in a lifetime. You have brought families20closer together, and also closer to God. On top of that, you’ve also saved two lives! You may not have received you miracle in the way we hoped, but you provided miracles for two other children through organ donation. Maggie Lee, you truly are a star. I often wonder, “Why does it have to end like this? Lack of prayer? No, hundreds of thousands of people were out there praying for you. Lack of faith? No, not that either. These past few weeks, myself, along with many others have been brought closer to God than we have ever been. I’ve learned to completely put my faith and trust in God. Then again, I realized, it’s just all a part of God’s plan. A plan I don’t truly understand now. But I do know, God does everything for a reason. I know you are up there in Heaven with Jesus now, at a welcome party thrown just for you. Pop and Golly must be happy to have their granddaughter up there with them. Maggie Lee, although your soul left this earth, I know a part of you will always remain with me. You’re my twin cousin. You’re my best friend. I love you Maggie Lee and I’ll miss you forever.

Love you, Madeline

Cousin Madeline Richardson spoke at Maggie Lee's Celebration of Life Service


Maggie Lee singing in the Christmas Play

"Maggie Lee for Good is an excellent hands-on way for us to teach character education in our school!"